Thermosiphonic solar water heater

Solar Energy - Electricity for FREE!

My system is created to low cost housing and parts of them are suitable to swimming pool heating.

The system consists of 3 main parts:

  • a cold water tank
  • a Geyser
  • the panels

The system works with gravitation - another word is thermosiphon.

  • the pressure water from the supply water system goes up into the cold water tank.
  • the cold water tank is over the top.
  • in the cold water tank is a floater. The capacity of the cold water tank is about 50-70 liters.
  • when the tank is filled up, the floater stops the supply. When someone consumes water
  • the floater controls the capacity.
  • the cold water tank has one inlet and 3 outlets.
  • the first outlet is the overflow,
  • second outlet goes to the geyser and the third outlet goes to the mixer

Cold water tank and geyser will be connected with pipes.
The inlet into the geyser is down.
The geysers outlet goes to the panels and from the panels the pipes goes back over the top into the Geyser.

The panels:

  • consist of plastic - the material is UV-resistant.
  • are mounted on the roof.
  • have always to be mounted below the geyser.

When the water supply starts into the cold water tank, the geyser and the panels fill up too.

When the sun is shining, the water in the panels warms up.
The warm water has the physical feature to flow to the top. To the top into the geyser. When the warm water goes into the geyser, the cold water will be pressed out of the geyser into the panels. The circuit is starting.

The second outlet above the top of the geyser is connected with pipes to the mixer in the bathroom.

If you want to take a shower, you have to open the mixer with warm water (from the geyser) and cold water (from the cold water tank).

disadvantage: the panels must be the deepest point the roof needs height
: the system works without electricity and electronics